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Hoge kwaliteit video content, geoptimaliseerd voor online gebruik.  

We believe marketing is not about just selling your product, it's about telling a story and connecting with your clients on a deeper level. We try to find this connection, and bring it to life using the latest technologies and advancements in film and photography. This way, we captivate your story in an exciting and powerful way.

We specialize in video content that is optimized for online use. Short, powerful and easily shareable. 



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Onze video specialisaties


Company videos

Translate your company's culture, mission and values into an exciting company video for your stakeholders, clients and suppliers. 

It will (re)convince your clients why they should work with your company. 

Product photography

Product photography is probably one of the most important aspects of your product marketing campaign. Capturing the details and craftsmanship your product was created with, requires the right setup and material.

Let us help you find the right angle for your next product line-up. 

Product teasers

Need a way to introduce a new product or service or heading into a new market? A product teaser is a great way to excite people for your future product launch. 

Let us develop a short product teaser, easily shared on social media or video platforms. 

business events and conferences

Hosting business events takes a lot of time, planning and money. To make sure every important moment is captured in the best possible way, we meet with our clients beforehand.

This will allow us to reduce your work during the event while delivering the best results. 

VIDEO Advertisements

Video advertisements are a great way to create a lasting connection with your target audience. At Smoking Gun, we try to go further than just showing your product.

We tell the story and motivation behind the great products your company creates. 


Marketing gaat niet langer over de producten die je verkoopt maar de verhalen die je verteld.
— Seth Godin


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