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The last few years, video has grown to one of the most important communication channels between clients and companies. It's interactive, engaging and allows a company to define itself. Company videos are a crucial part of your company culture and the way your company is seen by clients or prospective investors. 

With all of this in mind, we try to make our videos stand out so they define you or your company. 


PRODUCT fotografie

Product photography is probably one of the most important aspects of your product marketing campaign.
Capturing the details and craftmanship your product was created with, requires the right setup and material.

Let us help finding the right angle for your next product line-up. 




We believe an amazing product teaser shows just enough to excite your clients for your upcoming product while being mysterious enough on the details, so you don't give everything away just yet.

Need a way to introduce a new product or service or heading into a new market? Let us develop a short product teaser, easily shared on social media or video platforms. 



BUSINESS EVENTS en conferenties

Hosting business events takes a lot of time, planning and money. To capture your events in the best way possible, we try to reduce the amount of time you have to spent worrying about the video and image content while maximizing the amount of traction your video creates for next year's event.



VIDEO advertenties

Video advertisements are a great way to create a lasting connection with your target audience. At Smoking Gun, we try to go further than just showing your product.

We try to tell the story and motivation behind the great products your company creates. What does it take to create your product?